Brand new store! [Kobe Motomachi]

by 日比谷 亜紀子

CLASSICS the Small Luxury is opening our first store in the Kansai region on April 7th, 2018.
For decades, Kobe has drawn visitors in search of culture and exoticism,
offering a wealth of fine cuisine and tourist attractions.

One of the former foreign settlements in Japan, Motomachi is located in the heart of Kobe
 and captures the resilience of the city with beautiful historical sites.
We are excited to open a new store in this seemingly timeless old district,
with an extensive range of approximately 200 types of handkerchiefs.

Our in-store monogramming service also allows for personalization of your favourite handkerchiefs
with initials or adorable embroidered motifs. Head over to create your very own piece today!