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Closure -Online Boutique-

by 松本 里美


Closure -Nihonbashi Ningyocho Store-

by 松本 里美



New arrivals in Category "Daily" –Online Boutique-

by 髙岡 佑子

New products are now in stock.

[Architecture] ¥2,000(JPY)
Cotton handkerchief "Architecture".
Hand-printed, hand-rolled.
Color : grey/wine/navy
Size : 47×47cm
100% cotton
Made in Japan


Lunch Closing Notice -Fukuoka Ohorikoen Store-

by 松本 里美

We regret to inform you that our Lunch will finished on January 31st (Thur).
We appreciate your support and lunch at Table Receipe Ohorikoen Store and solicit your continued visiting us.
We prepare  many kinds of table clothes and also you can have a delicious tea.
Thank you for your understanding and we are waiting for your visit.

Valentine's Card

by 髙岡 佑子

You can order the original Valentine's Card.
When I attach it to a gift, how about?

21st January(Mon)-14th February(Thu)

It will take approximately 5 days to prepare the gift boxes from Tokyo,
so hurry and pre-order now!

-Online New Year Lucky Bags-

by 髙岡 佑子

With the New Year upon us, we have something special in store for you.
Kickstart the year with our lucky bags, also known as Fukubukuro in Japanese, each containing an assortment of exquisite handkerchiefs.

◇New Year's Lucky Bag -Pine $272.73 approx
   *Hand-embroidered handkerchiefs collection

Feeling lucky yet? We wish you all the best for 2019.



【SALE】-Online Boutique-

by Quinn Kan

We have special "SALE" in online store.

[ 26th December 2018 -14th January 2019 ]

We are looking forward your visit!



New arrivals in Category "Daily" –Online Boutique-

by 髙岡 佑子

New products are in "Daily".

Cotton and linen handkerchief "Animals Forest".
Color : white
Size :41×41cm
50% cotton 50% linen
Made in Vietnam
Fabric & thread : made in Japan


New Year's Holiday

by 髙岡 佑子

[New Year's Holiday] 29th December(Sat)-6th January(Sun)

We would like to inform you that our estimated delivery times will be longer during the New Year's Holiday.

[Delivery timescales for orders]

◆Order date : 27th December(Thur)-31st December(Mon)
  Shipping date from Japan : from 7th January(Mon) 

◆Order date : 1st January(Tue)-4th January(Fri)
  Shipping date from Japan : from 8th January(Tue) 

◆Order date : 5th January(Sat)-6th January(Sun)
  Shipping date from Japan : from 9th January(Wed)

◆Order date : 7th January(Mon)-
  Shipping date from Japan : from 10th January(Thur) 

<Delivery method>
 Deliveries within Japan will be shipped via Yamato Transport courier service.
 Deliveries to destinations outside Japan will be shipped via EMS International Mail service.


New arrivals designed by Graphic artist Kahori Maki –Online Boutique-

by 髙岡 佑子

New products are now in stock.

KM Flower 【Grow】¥3,000(JPY)
Size : 41×41cm
100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Graphic artist
Using plants and human energy as motives, she creates from one single piece of drawing
and extends it to form a product or a moving image, evolving her drawing into a design of space.
Besides her own artistic creations, she has also collaborated with many artists and corporations from all over the world.
Recent collaborations with Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.
further advanced her creative process by venturing from traditional methods to digital methods of creation.
The film work "mabataku" was selected as one of the Jury Recommended Works of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division.
 Studied Fine Arts in NY following graduation from the Department of Design, Nihon University.

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