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    Instructions on embroidery detail

    Instructions on embroidery detail

    About embroidery options

    In our online boutique, you may select a font for your embroidery from among the seven options.
    There are 16 thread colors to choose from.

    Process to embroidery options

    You may select the embroidery’s “Position,” “Font type,” “Letters” and “Thread color,” and then proceed to “Confirm the embroidery detail.”

    Variety of embroidery options

    For products with two embroidery options, “Embroidery 1” and “Embroidery 2,” you may select two types of embroidery to be added in two different positions.

    About thread color

    No.1 Simple >
    No.9 Elegant >
    No.12 Classic >
    No.15  Casual >
    No.19 Petit >
    No.22 Luxury >
    No.26 Floral >


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