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Blooming Nakanishi was founded in 1879 in the Nihombashi Ningyocho district
— the heart of business and culture in the Edo period.
Building upon years of experience,
Blooming Nakanishi opened a specialty boutique ‘CLASSICS the Small Luxury’ in Roppongi Hills in 2003,
dedicated to creating the best handkerchiefs in the world.

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Your wedding day is, without doubt, the most special event of your life, when an unique union is formed in the presence of your family and friends. Having a handkerchief brings a lovely touch as a special keepsake of the happy occasion.

From a white handkerchief for the groom to dry happy tears of his beautiful bride to an exquisite lace handkerchief for the latter, celebrate the beginning of your “Happily Ever After” with our exclusive special handkerchiefs, embroidered with your initials and your beloved's.

We’ve all heard the old English rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, which involves a bride wearing the four objects to her wedding for good luck. Why not go for “something blue” by embroidering the handkerchief with blue threads?

Handkerchiefs are also perfect as a gift for couples tying the knot, for your family, or as wedding favours that include the initials of each guest attending the wedding ceremony.

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Celebrate the joy of having a newborn by giving the child his or her first handkerchief!

Handkerchiefs are great as baby gifts to your family, friends and close relatives. A variety of combinations, including paired gifts for both parents and children, are available to spoil your little one or to congratulate the parents of the new baby.

Make the handkerchief an unforgettable piece by embroidering the baby’s date of birth, birth weight, baby motifs, and initials on the handkerchief!

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A handkerchief is not only a charming present you can give yourself,
but also a way of expressing gratitude to others, extending season’s greetings and offering heartfelt wishes to newlyweds.
Discover our exclusive collection at our handkerchief specialty store today!

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